Desoldering Braids by Tech Spray
Pro Wick® and No-Clean Wick
Pro Wick and No-Clean Wick are produced with an advanced braid design and stringent quality control procedures. Pro Wick is based on pure water-white rosin (Type R Flux). Meets all of the most stringent soldering standards for world-wide applications such as MIL-F-142560D Type R, NASA specification NHB5300.4, NPC200-4, SP-5002.

Pro Wick and No-Clean Wick

Part Number Description
1801-5 •Rosin Flux; •White/.030"
1802-5 •Rosin Flux; •Yellow/.060".
1803-5 •Rosin Flux; •Green/.080"
1804-5 •Rosin Flux; •Blue/.110"
1805-5 •Rosin Flux; •Brown/.145"
1806-5 •Rosin Flux; •Red/.210"
1808-5 •R.F Anti-static; •White/.210"
1809-5 •R.F Anti-Static; •Yellow/.060"
1810-5 •R.F Anti-Static; •Green/.080"
1811-5 •R.F Anti-Static; •Blue/.110"
1812-5 •R.F Anti-Static; •Brown/.145"
1813-5 •R.F Anti-Static; •Red/.210"
1814-5 •No-Clean Anti-Static; •White/.030"
1815-5 •No-Clean Anti-Static; •Yellow/.060"
1816-5 •No-Clean Anti-Static; •Green/.080"
1817-5 •No-Clean Anti-Static; •Blue/.110"
1818-5 •No-Clean Anti-Static; •Brown/.145"
1819-5 •No-Clean Anti-Static; •Red/.210"
1820-5 •Unfluxed Anti-static; •White/.030"
1821-5 •Unfluxed Anti-static; •Yellow/.060"
1822-5 •Unfluxed Anti-static; •Green/.080"
1823-5 •Unfluxed Anti-static; •Blue/.110"
1824-5 •Unfluxed Anti-static; •Brown/.145"
1825-5 •Unfluxed Anti-static; •Red/.210"

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